Internet Exercises

  • Learning from Leadership & Change


Follow the above link. After careful examination of the all the fact files available in PDF format, each student must select any one fact file of their interest. Download it and prepare the topic to share it in class presentation.

  • Leadership in Organizations


McDonald’s is the largest and most recognized leader in the fast food industry. It has over 28,000 restaurants in 120 countries and is growing bigger everyday. With goals such as superior service and great tasting food to guide them, McDonald’s leads the way in the industry.
After careful examination of this Website, prepare a two-page report with your responses to the following questions. How does this organization help managers develop their skills? What type of leadership is visible at this corporation? Does the style and skills of its managers appeal to you? Why or why not? How important is having business vision to the success of this organization? Explain. How would you apply situation leadership at McDonald’s? Explain.

AOL was founded in 1985. It is known for providing easy Internet access to an ever-growing membership population. Services provided to its customers include Instant Messenger, CompuServe, and Moviefone to name just a few.

While examining this Internet site, prepare a one-page response to the following questions for class discussion. What leadership skills do this organization’s top management exhibit? How do they benefit this organization? How do you imagine these leaders developed their skills? Is charismatic leadership evident within this organization? How about transformational leadership? Explain using examples.

  • Employee Motivation

Southwest Airlines (SWA) was started in 1971. With CEO Herb Kelleher leading and guiding the organization since 1978, it has grown to be a major competitor in the airline industry. Southwest engages in unique approaches to provide customer and employee satisfaction. Its industry distinction is found in the low fares and high frequency of the services provided. The special quality of its employees – Southwest spirit has helped the company achieve five “Triple Crown Awards” from the Department of Transportation.

Explore this site to develop answers to following questions. How do you believe SWA motivates its employees? Identify the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards the company offers to its employees. Would these motivate you? Explain. Which of the motivation theories from the text apply to SWA? Describe in detail each using examples. Prepare your report for the class discussion.


Lincoln Electric was founded in 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, with approximately 7,000 employees in 18 countries and over a billion dollars in sales, the company is known for the highest quality provider of the welding and cutting products.Explore the company site listed above and identify what different motivational tool and techniques does the company use to achieve the result that it has? Do you believe that the company is using an outdated method from the early 1900s to motivate its employees? Explain. How does equity and expectancy theory apply in this case? Explain.

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