Assignments & Class Projects

Project # 1:  Pre-Midterm Advertising Project Brief

Project # 2:  Final Advertising Project


Assignment # 1:

Developing slogan for 10 brands

Developing Effective Slogans

After studying link document of “Developing Effective Slogans” students in group of 3 are expected to select 10 most promising National/ International brands of their choice and involve in research to identify the history of slogans for each brand and communicated through company promotions. Then each group is expected to conceive and develop new Taglines or slogans for each of 10 selected brands. Each of the new slogan must be justified and matched with brands communication strategy, Status, Current target markets, geographic considerations and competitive position.

Assignment # 2:

Report on functions of an Advertising Agency

Top 10 Advertising Agencies in Pakistan

In a group of three(03), identify any one of the leading Advertising Agencies in Pakistan and submit a report describing it’s key capabilities, clients, services, creative works and distinctions (if any). Each group can add important information and supporting documents  in the report for better marks evaluation.

Assignment # 3:

Developing a Print media Ad for National newspapers and Magazines

In a group of 3 students are expected to select a leading brand that has a rich communication history. Each group must visit the Creative department of any prominent advertising agency offering services of creating print media advertisements. Each group is expected to identify steps to create print media ads and use this information to design their final print ad to be placed in leading national newspapers and magazines in Pakistan. The outcome of this assignment is a full page print media ad in full colors. For assistance students are advised to review ads placed in leading magazines and newspapers.